Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quick Spins

RobynBody Talk Part 2
Every female pop star from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry to Rihanna to Kesha better sit their asses down and take a listen to what Robyn has to say and what she is doing. Firing back on all cylinders, the Swedish pop legend creates a pop record that is not only the best release from that genre in years, but has an electronic adventure doing it. On the middle record to her three part Body Talk series, Robyn shows off and expands her experimental sound to sheer perfection. As much fun and fresh as Body Talk Part 1 was, Part 2 is a sequel that does not suck. From the clubs to the radio to your Ipod, Body Talk is the record you will be talking about and will hit a nerve with any fan of any kind. Withthe creativity of Bjork and the energy of a full European discothèque, Body Talk Part 2 will leave you exhausted and only wanting more. My note to everyone, turn off your radios, stop watching MTV and find something good! This is it. A MUST listen.

ChatelaineTake a Line for a Walk
If Enya fronted The xx it would sound like Chatelaine. The former singer of Curve goes into electronic ethereal territory on her latest record. If you need a record to unwind to and relax you but will also take you into new territory, Take a Line for a Walk is your answer.

Ryan BinghamJunky Star
The Oscar winning songwriter returns with his friend T. Bone Burnett and creates a dramatic alt-country rock record that bends genres and displays not just Bingham’s creativity but his soul. A very introspective and intensely written album, Junky Star gives further proof that his Oscar gold was not a fluke.

Bars of Gold Of Gold
The triumphant return of Bear Vs Shark front man Marc Paffi to the musical scene, Bars of Gold is a band we have gotten to know very well at the Yuppie camp. Featuring members of Wildcatting, Bars of Gold is art rock at its finest. With aggressive melodic hooks and precision musicianship, Of Gold is one of the best debuts of the year from a band that is one of the years best new finds. Take a look at our interview with Bars of Gold HERE.

Brandon FlowersFlamingo
The Killers front man goes solo and makes the best Killers record since Hot Fuss. It is hard to not compare Flowers’ solo material to his bread winning band. Though he explores more synth territory, Flamingo is nothing too ambitious or adventurous from his regular outfit, however, still great fun to listen to. An ode to his home city of Las Vegas, Sin City’s favorite child is making a name for himself, yet we wish he was making a new sound.

Everything Everything Man Alive
Call them the whitest kids you know. England’s new favorite electronic children have a funky name and sound. Succinct musical patterns backed by dance beats, Everything Everything is a quirky band that wears their nerdiness on their sleeve and could care less what you think of them. An endless display of catchy sounds and glowing rhythms, Man Alive is one of the UK’s most talked about records from one of the UK’s most talked about new bands. If Hot Chip were younger and much more peculiar, it would be Everything Everything.

DelukaYou are the Night
Birmingham via Brooklyn electro punks are ready for their close up and your attention. If Joan Jett fronted The Bravery, Deluka would be that band. From synthy beats and thumping bass yet fronted with melodic vocals. Their debut, You are the Night is a much greater step in the right direction and much more polished than their EP, which was released earlier this year. Take a look at our interview with Deluka HERE.

Living Days Make Out Room
Dark, mysterious and down right dirty. That is after all what New York City is all about, but it is also a way to describe the members and sound of the cities latest breakthrough act, Living Days. Living Days hail from Brooklyn however have such a Lower East Side attitude from them that they relate more to the devious Bowery than any section across the river. The band combines 80's new wave, electro with a touch of goth and industrial. Their debut, Make Out Room, ooze’s sex, grit and curiosity. Take a look at our interview with Living Days HERE.

Speaking of quirky, this type of style if you will must be a new thing. From Australia comes Otouto, a three piece that sounds like Fiest meets Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Their debut Pip is a very fun and eclectic display of lo-fi indie rock.

New York City slick indie rockers are now a threesome and create a, well, Interpol record. This is one of those bands whose lives shows triumph over their recordings, though Turn on the Bright Lights is an exception. Their seems to be something missing from the band on this release and no it is not bassist Carlos D. It is something more, oh, freshness.