Saturday, June 26, 2010

Live Review - Good Old War @ Maxwell's

"So who wants to get dirty!?" said Good Old War singer Keith Goodwin to a packed crowd of twenty-somethings in the heart of Hoboken. It was a hot and sweaty night as 200 people crammed into the tiny and intimate Maxwell's just outside New York City. The legendary venue always boasts artists on the rise and it is certainly the right place to see many bands that are right on the cusp of exploding into something pretty big, Good Old War is one of those acts. The Philly grass roots band is a cross between Dispatch style and sound meets the catchy aspects of Vampire Weekend. Their legion of devoted fans is something to be admired as they have only been around for just over two years. The tiny club went into an all out sing-a-long as fans waved to and fro and sang the lyrics to each song the band had. Good Old War are a professional bonfire sing-a-long band that just have so much fun and passion in what they do and their fans appreciate their honesty. One of their biggest fans, Anthony Green of Circa Survive showed off his love for the band and made a surprise visit on stage to sing "Weak Man," a song he has with the band and stuck around for a few more songs. As the crowd just went absolutely nuts to have Green on stage with their band, it escalated the excitement of the night. After an hour long set Good Old War, waved goodbye not just to the fans but to headlining tiny clubs like this, next stop - somewhere bigger.