Thursday, December 2, 2010

Underrated Classic - Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti"

35 years later and this album still packs a punch. Led Zeppelin's sixth record came as a surprise to fans as it is a double album of emotional and musical change for the legendary hard rockers. Recorded at a time when bassist John Paul Jones was considering leaving the band, they took a brief break and reunited and began writing. Through there writing and living together, the band delivered one of their most masterful and powerful works. Physical Graffiti is Zeppelin at the writing and recording best, an album that has gone 16 times platinum, it brought a new energy to the group. Featuring the songs "Houses of the Holy, "Trampled Under Foot," "Kashmir" and "In My Time of Dying," the mysterious hard rockers became more of an enigma when fans first heard this record. With it's iconic front cover and name - taken from a tenement building in New York City's St. Marks Place and of a store which is the basement to the building, Physical Graffiti is a masterpiece work from a band that delivered nothing but the best.