Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick Spins

Exit Calm
This is a band that we all must learn to embrace, why is this? Because with a debut like this, they are about to be everyone’s new favorite band andif you do not get a hold of them first you will be insanely jealous of your peers who were in on them before you. The band, which was our December Rising Artist, have a sound, as I have said before, that if the atmosphere had a soundtrack, it would be Exit Calm. A debut record that you must here from a band that you will love.

Beth Ditto feat. Simian Mobile Disco EP
Though the Gossip front woman and the British DJ’s and producers have teamed up before, this time it is a full on collaboration for Ditto on her first solo EP. It is exactly what you would expect from these two juggernauts of sound, a seductive, yet extreamly fun four song EP that you can move your ass to.

Duran DuranAll You Need is Now
Before I begin this review, I must start it by saying – THANK YOU MARK RONSON! The superstar DJ and producer got behind the decks of 80’s favorite new wave sons and made them sound as if Rio was not just an album that came out over 20 years ago and crafted Duran Duran’s finest record in two decades. The theory behind this album was, why shouldn’t Duran Duran sound like they did back in their heyday. All You Need is Now is exactly what the band and their fans needed. As interesting and as good as their 2007 Timbaland / Justin Timberlake produced effort, Red Carpet Massacre, may have been, it is nothing compared to this. What a ride back to 80’s and beyond. This maybe the record that puts Duran Duran back on top.

GlassjawOur Color Green EP
The mysterious Long Island post-core screamo band has been very cryptic about new material over the last eight years. The band’s last full release was 2002’s magnificent, Worship and Tribute, yet through the years, various EPs have shown up either on Itunes or 7” vinyl. Now, Our Color Green is a compilation of those songs that have been played in concert and been released over the years. It is a hint and prayer that more new material, hopefully in the form of a full length, will arrive sometime soon.

Gorillaz The Fall
The first album recorded solely on an iPad delivers. Damon Albarn and his animated band recorded this while on their North American tour this past fall, hence the title. Inspired by America and the road itself, The Fall is an interesting listen, especially given the medium in which it is recored but do not expect a typical Gorillaz record from it.

Tahiti 80The Past, The Present and The Possible
Though Phoenix, Daft Punk, Air and Ed Banger Records may have tossed France’s music scene on the indie map, the lads in Tahiti 80 have been cranking out tunes since the early 90’s and now they want your undivided attention. The band has been very popular in Europe through the years and now are looking to claim America as it may have fallen already to their comrades, it must be known that this band is no Phoenix rip-off, they are the real deal and this band is the originators of that funky-electro sound Phoenix has made so popular through the years. With The Past, The Present and The Possible, the stakes are high for these Franco’s and it will deliver.

Ghostface KillahApollo Kids
The ninth album from one of Wu Tang’s finest shows off his skills yet again as a master solo artist. The follow up to 2009’s Ghostdini, Apollo Kids picks up right where that and Wu Massacre left off. With moments of the vicious rap that have made Wu Tang so loved over the years and mixed with soul, Apollo Kids is a hip-hop record that fans of early 90’s rap have been waiting for.

Wheels on FireCherry Bomb
60’s garage rock meets 70’s funk and soul, Wheels on Fire deliver both in a stirred up funky and fun debut. Cherry Bomb explodes with classic rock sound for the modern era, this Ohio band is one that will gain attention from the kids in the indie scene and their parents as well.

La FemmeLe Podium#1 EP
A beautiful and well-crafted debut EP from France’s next breakout band. La Femme are a lo-fi surf rock band that incorporates psychedelic rhythms and seductive sounds. This band is going to ride high on France’s new wave of music and they fit into the category of surf rock bands we have come to love in 2010.

The Morning After Girls– Alone
After five years together as a band, Australia’s Morning After Girls are ready to make their grand entrance into America. Much like La Femme, the band incorporates lo-fi surf and psychedelic but swirls it into the perfect pop song. Worth a listen and worth investing time into, over age, this band will grow on you and you will not be able to stop listening.

KlaxonsLandmarks of Lunacy EP
After releasing this year’s praised, Surfing the Void, one of England’s modern favorites return with a free EP for fans of material that was scrapped early on from the Surfing the Void sessions. Landmarks of Lunacy is a psychedelic trip worth taking and it is a shame their label would not let them release this as an album prior to Void.

Corinne Baily RaeThe LOVE EP
One of music’s finest voices gives us a nice little soul EP to hold us over in between full albums. This five song EP gets a bit sappy but stills adds a bit of sweet measure due to Rae’s elligant and soothing voice.

The TweesThese Girls EP
This is a band we introduced you to at the end of the summer in a Rising Artist Exclusive. Now, after much hard work and touring Long Island via New York City garage – surf rockers, The Twees are releasing their latest EP, These Girls. These Girls is everything we have come to love about rock and roll through the years, it is fun and vibrant and something that can really get a party started. The Twees are a band that you should stop sleeping on and get into, they are one of New York’s most entertaining live shows and their EP explains why.

The Welsh bombshell returns to follow up her successful debut, Rockferry and finds great company working with her – none other than Albert Hammond Sr., yes, that is right kids Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes dad is Duffy’s producer and songwriter partnert as well as electro producer Stuart Price. Endlessly is a solid effort but it lacks some of the enthusiasm that Rockferry had. It is worth a listen if you are a fan of her soulful yet scratchy voice.

Daft Punk Tron Legacy Soundtrack
After much wait and anticipation, the French duo come out of hiding for their first album in years and…well, it is a soundtrack. Less a Daft Punk record and more a movie score with a pulsating beat, the songs work well in the move but fail to stand on their own with the exception of “Derazzled.” For a Daft Punk fan, it is a must listen as for casual listeners, you can skip it.

Michael JacksonMichael
No surprise that music will be released posthumously from The King of Pop, however, the Jackson family and Sony music need to pay attention as to what they are delivering. This is a record of some overproduced material to compensate for lack of source material and in some cases under produced material just to rush it’s release for Christmas sales. This is not a Michael Jackson record, it maybe his voice and it maybe his friends on it, but this is not the imprint he would have given us.