Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beady Eye Cover & Track Listing

Beady Eye are set to release their debut, with the ultra cleaver title of Different Gear, Still Speeding on February 28. The former Oasis members recorded the record with famed producer Steve Lillywhite in London. Take a look at the track listing below,

1.'Four Letter Word'
2. 'Millionaire'
3. 'The Roller'
4. 'Beatles and Stones'
5. 'Wind Up Dream'
6. 'Bring the Light'
7. 'For Anyone'
8. 'Kill for a Dream'
9. 'Standing on the Edge of the Noise'
10. 'Wigwam'
11. 'Three Ring Circus'
12. 'The Beat Goes on'
13. 'The Morning Son'