Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quick News

New Order are reuniting for two concerts, one in Brussels and one in Paris. The only catch is that founding bassist and member, Peter Hook will not be joining the band. Hook and his former band mates, Bernie Sumner and Stephen Morris have been publicly feuding for years and officially broke up this year. However, the band is linking up again with keyboardist Gillian Gilbert and Tom Chapman shall be filling in on bass.

Have Pulp broken up again? This past weekend at Ireland's Electric Picnic festival, frontman Jarvis Cocker stated to the audience "This may be the last time we're ever all on stage together again." Earlier in the set Cocker said, "This is the last gig of the tour, so if we start crying or get emotional, you'll understand." In the following days since the festival, the band has taken to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook thanking fans for coming out this summer. No official word on an official split.

Madonna has confirmed that her new album will be out next Spring. She mentioned this at the Venice Film Festival where she is currently screening her latest features, W.E., which she has directed.

It is official - PJ Harvey has won Britain's coveted Mercury Prize for her latest album, Let England Shake.

Madchester band, Inspirational Carpets are reuniting with original singer Stephen Holt for a new album and tour. This will be the bands first collection of new material in over 15 years.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, reggae legend Jimmy Cliff is working on a new album that is being produced by Rancid's Tim Armstrong. Cliff hopes to have an EP out by November which will feature a cover of The Clash's "Guns of Brixton," and will deliver a full album next year. Something we are very excited about!