Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Recommended Reading: 'Your Favorite Band is Killing Me'

Rivalries in any type of art date back to the age of Shakespeare but thanks to social media today and one author boils down our arguments over pop artists that date back to our parents fighting over who was better. From The Beatles vs. the Stones to Kanye West v. Taylor Swift, author Steve Hyden explains why the rivalries exist and what they say about us the listener and consumer in his 2016 book, Your Favorite Band is Killing Me. 

Hyden has a hilarious and clever take on the most famous rivalries of each generation like who was a better guitarist Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton? Who was a better rapper -- Biggie or Tupac? He dives deep to explain how the dividing lines were drawn and how someone can not be in the middle of it but needs to be a side. If you need a last minute Christmas gift for the music lover in your life, here is one to snag.