Sunday, January 17, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Asteroids Galaxy Tour INTV!

Fun and carefree, this Danish duo is taking the world by storm with their international appeal and interesting craft. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a band we are all familiar with, having their song "Around the Bend," featuring in an Ipod commercial and some of their music featured on shows like Gossip Girl and films like The September Issue. After opening for Amy Winehouse and touring this past summer with Katy Perry, the Asteroids Galaxy Tour came to America for a brief stint this fall in support of their latest, Fruit. While they were in New York, I had the opportunity to speak to their main woman, Mette Lindeberg. The spunky front-woman and I spoke about being an international band, having their music herd in other outlets and their latest record that they are already working on. Take a listen to my interview with Mette below..

Video for "The Sun Ain't Shining No More"

Special thanks to Mette, Debbie Pressman and everyone at Girlie Action. Extra thanks to Eric Seiden and Jenna Campagnia for their technical assistance.