Saturday, January 2, 2010

Underated Classic - Beck "Sea Change"

When you think of Beck, you sometimes think this goofy rock and roller than cranks out extremely creative and fun music. You also think of Beck as a musical force pushing the limits of his career and sound. Yet, you never really think of Beck as this soft and tender person, we forget than rock stars are humans too. In the fall of 2002, Beck released Sea Change, a soft and mellow record about the recent bad breakup of a long time lover. The title was a reflection of Beck as both musician and person, changing his usual upbeat and distorted style for acoustics, orchestras and micro-beats. Produced by Nigel Goodrich, the man behind Radiohead's immensely popular works from OK Computer to present day. Goodrich brought his computer generated influence to what is a benchmark in the Beck catalogue. Regarded as one of the best albums of 2002 and hailing Beck as a mature artist, it only peaked at #20 on the US Billboard charts. Beck however, has never let chart position effect him, he has always been for the music and art of it. Sea Change showed the tender side of one of music's favorite sons. Songs like "The Golden Age," "Guess I'm Doing Fine," and "Lonesome Tears," are some of Beck's best songs and with the combination of Goodrich's production, it is also one of his best records. In the coming weeks, I will showcase my 100 Albums of the Decade, you can bet your life that Sea Change is on that list.