Saturday, January 23, 2010


In this day and age anyone can be an A&R person, either for a label or just for personal gain. With the internet you can find anything you are looking for, or sometimes, it finds you. That was the case with Blue Knives and I. A band from England that got in touch with me, a guy from New York City. We discussed our love for acts like Editors and then I took a listen to their music and was just hooked. I had interviewed bassist Nathan Bayley in December 2008 as the band was about to begin recording their debut. Without any money, and just banking on a dream, Blue Knives debut, Clothed with the Sun arrived in September 2009 and it sounds like an expensive production that displays the English trio's talents. In a unconventional follow up, I sent over questions to the band and they read them off in the studio and answered them for the site. Take a listen to all of Blue Knives. singer Dan Solly, drummer Rich Cornish and Nathan discussing the making of their album and where they go from here.

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