Sunday, January 10, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Living Things INTV!

It has been an interesting ride for the lads of Living Things. The St. Louis band has had their singer shot at, stabbed, protested against, they were the buzz band of 2005 and as things began to peak in their career, they slowed down a bit to collect themselves. In 2009 they released the album Habeas Corpus and hit the road with The Bravery. With their outspoken singer, Lillian Berlin, the band has charged on against the Bush administration and calling his generation "The Blackout Generation," now in an exclusive interview with Lillian's brother and Living Things bassist, Eve Berlin, I spoke to him about the band's career, his brother and what is to come of Living Things. Take a look at my interview with Eve below..

You released your latest record Habeas Corpus this past year. What was the recording of that record like?

EB: It was an eye opening experience. It was great spending time experimenting with different types of music. We wrote tons of songs for that record.

You recorded Habeas Corpus in Berlin. Why did you choose Germany to record?

EB: Well, it was the home of the studio and producer we wanted to work with. Hansa Tonstudios we have always wanted to work there. It's where a lot of the best Bowie solo stuff was done at as well as Iggy Pop and U2. Our Producer MIchael Ilbert worked outta there so it seemed like a perfect environment.

There was a four year gap in between Ahead of the Lions and Habeas Corpus, what caused the long pause?

EB: It wasn't as long as it looked. We toured for two years after the release of our first album Ahead of the Loins. Then took a year to write and record. The record came out three months after we finished it. So time fly’s, I guess?!

Was it hard to get back into the limelight after being gone a bit? Where you nervous?


You recently were on the road with The Bravery, what was that experience like?

EB: The Bravery was great. The 45 minutes we where onstage every night was priceless. But, all of our gear, van and trailer got stolen in Philly from our hotel, so it quickly turned into HELL. We had to cancel 10 shows.

Aside from making music, the band has been largely involved in activism. With our Nations current state, how do you feel about things today?

EB: It can only get better, right?

After recording in Berlin, when you returned to America after being away for a bit, did you feel a change in the country, not just with Obama but people’s attitudes?

EB: Yeah, people seemed amped up to work together; fix the shit that’s wrong, and that’s really where it's at. We the people are the ones that really make the "CHANGE."

Lillian has been shot at, stabbed and ridiculed for his beliefs and still manages to come back stronger and louder than before. Even still jumping into the audience during shows, where most of his altercations occurred. How do you respond to this?

EB: He is a true fighter and not backin' down.

Are you ever nervous for him?


Video for "Bom, Bom, Bom" (Above) / Video for "Let it Rain" (Below)

Special thanks to Eve and Heather Losik for the interview!