Wednesday, March 31, 2010


THIS IS IT! WE HIT A MILESTONE! Normally when I do the landmark postings, I have a laundry list of people to thank that have brought me on this past and aided me along the way to keep going. This time around, since it is such a special posting, I wanted to share thoughts from some of my favorite artists to show you what they think of Officially A Yuppie! Take a look!

"Sal and his peeps at are doing an amazing job of covering fresh, creative music and the entire NYC scene! They're not too hip for the room, but definitely have hip taste. It was a great to sit down and talk with him about the new Living Colour record last year." - Doug Wimbish, Living Colour

“You know what they say, don't trust any blogger under a thousand." – Franz Nicolay

“I read every week. Sal has his finger on the pulse of both commercial and independent music and entertainment. His blog has something for everyone and his interviews are always insightful. Plus, Sal's a great dude!” – Elliot Jacobson

“Thanks for these great questions” – Mary Foresberg Weiland

“So, does this make me a Yuppie now?!” – Mickey Leigh, Joey Ramone’s brother

“Thank you for the interview. I really appreciate the interest in my project. Be well” –Ben Kenney of Incubus

“It was good speaking with you. All the best.” Ian Mackaye

“No Crap Questions” – Rab Allen of Glasvegas

“Thanks so much for taking interest in our band” – Emile Mosseri, The Dig