Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick Spins

Portugal. The ManAmerican Ghetto
2010 is shaping up to be such a great year for music and we are only three months in. With that, we have had some great records but Portugal. The Man have given us our first A+ record of the year. What an achievement, just less than a year after releasing Satanic Satanist, Wasilla via Portland art rockers delivered their best album to day. American Ghetto is a record that shows why they sell out every show, gain more fans with each song and prove that if you are not listening to these guys…well, you are a moron. American Ghetto is the true story of the band’s hometown of Wasilla, Alaska that former Governor Sarah Palin tried to sugarcoat during her campaign for Vice President. This is psychedelic art rock at its finest and a record not to be missed! Take a listen to the interview I did with PTM singer John Baldwin Gourley as he discussed the making of American Ghetto last September HERE.

GorillazPlastic Beach
Damon Albarn and his animated band have returned after a close to five year absence. Damon, who is always evolving as a musical artist took the Gorillaz in a direction not seen from the band, it maybe sad to say but a cartoon band has made some better music than most humans. Plastic Beach is a fresh hip-hop, alternative, classical, jazz fusion that boasts guests like Lou Reed, Mick Jones and Paul Simonon of The Clash, Mos Def, De La Soul, Snoop, Bobby Womack and many more. Plastic Beach is the Gorillaz finest hour.

Little BootsHands
Female fronted electro groups are coming in massive waves, Little Boots is one that is looking to break the mold. Hands, which was released in the UK last fall, finally made it’s way to the US and it is a dance-heavy tour-du-force. Little Boots debut finds her working with Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and from that alone shows she is not messing around. Catchy beats and ultra cleaver lyrics make Hands a record that will have you moving and shaking from start to finish. Take a look at the interview I did with Little Boots last year as I named her my Rising Artist for September HERE.

Royal ChainsBear Island EP
One of my favorite discoveries of 2009 was New York duo The Royal Chains, with their fun live shows and great rockabilly meets garage music, these guys are destined for prime time. The band’s first release is an EP that was just put out on Mike Dirt of The Bravery’s Merrifield Records, Bear Island showcases the band’s raw talent and musical skills in just a handful of songs. I cant wait to hear what they do on a full LP. Take a look at the interview I did with the Royal Chains last August as I named them my Rising Artist for that month HERE.

Asa RansomThe Gold EP
This New York band is one that I just was introduced to and totally dig. Asa Ransom, a five-piece band that moved to New York from Indiana in search of rock and roll glory are one to keep an eye out for. Combining indie and alternative, Asa Ransom will be another band that I am curious to see what they do next.

Brett GleasonThe Dissonance
Combining vaudeville, electro and great piano licks, Brooklyn’s Brett Gleason is an artist that is taking his influences such as; Nine Inch Nails, Amanda Palmer, Bjork and Portishead and finding the perfect way to fuse them together. His debut, The Dissonance is a collection of this fusion that is both haunting and beautiful.

Scott Hardkiss - Come On, Come On (Part II)
The second Come On, Come On EP from DJ Scott Hardkiss is a traveling techno safari that features remixes from top indie DJ's like Dean & Britta, Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, and DJ Phunkae for special interpretations and variations of Hardkiss' original track. This EP may have been born, bread and remixed in New York but sounds like it came from the discotheques of Europe and the Middle East and right to your eardrum.