Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quick Spins

Meathod Man – Ghostface Killa – ReakwonWu Massacre
Let’s face it, most Wu-Tang Clan side projects never live up to their full potential, that group holds the term “the sum is greater than its parts,” with such high regard. Then again, lets face it, since the passing of ODB, Wu has never been and never will be the same again. Now comes Wu Massacre from three of Shaolin’s finest in some of their best work to date. Thus far, this has been the most impressive hip-hop records since Kanye West’s Graduation. One to listen to, my only beef with the disc is that the group should have had RZA do some production on it to take it to a whole other level. Either way, it’s still pretty outstanding.

Broken Bells
The debut fusion from The Shins James Mercer and producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse finds the perfect balance between avant-garde creativity and simple pop music. This record has no surprises on it, it is everything you would hope to expect from two music masterminds, the beats laid down by Danger Mouse are very reminiscent of his work with The Good, The Bad and The Queen, Mercer’s vocals and lyrics are some of the best he has since the early days of The Shins. This is a record very lush in sound and needs to be listened to.

Violent Soho
The debut from these Aussie grungers finds them in territory that will bring you back to Seattle in the early 90’s. I have gotten to know this band pretty well through the recent months, they are a killer live act and some of the nicest dudes from Oz. This is a record that has been out in their native land for a while, but finally makes it way to our side of the world and I am glad it did. Take a look at my interview with Violent Soho HERE.

Big LightAnimals in Bloom
This indie-jam fusion from San Francisco would make the spirit of former hippies proud. Big Light’s latest, Animals in Bloom is a fresh record with driving guitars, sexy melodies and swinging sounds. Finding a nice way to blend 60’s rock and roll, 90’s jam rock and 21st Century indie, Big Light is band that will make you a fan right away and only leaving you curious for more.

Two Door Cinema Club Tourist History
These Irish electro lads have been stirring up a buzz across Europe and are finally making waves across the Atlantic in the US. A fun mix of current psychedelic electro meets dance hall meets fist pumping rock action. Tourist History is a nice musical escape to the world of Manchester, England via the late 70’s through early 90’s during the Hacienda Club and Factory Records period. Two Door Cinema captures that Hacienda vibe and blend’s with late material from today such as acts like Bloc Party, The Whip and Late of the Pier. This is a record that will have you moving and shaking.