Monday, March 1, 2010

Movie of the Month - Dial M for Murder

Just two weeks out and Shutter Island has taken the box office by storm, it really is something that should come as no surprise as Scorsese teaming up with Leo again to tackle a thriller on an epic scale. For those that have seen Shutter Island knows that it does not have a Scorsese feel, instead it feels like a film by one of Marty's idols, Alfred Hitchcock. In this month, I am showcasing of one Hitchcock's finest thrillers, Dial M For Murder. The film which stars Grace Kelly, Ray Milland and Robert Cummings is one of the few Hitchcock films to take place in the directors native city of London. Set mainly in an apartment it tells the story of how a husband sets up his wife's murder, yet the killer botches the job and he ends up getting killed. If the plot sounds familiar Hollywood has done it over and over again, more recently in the 1999 Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Douglas, Viggo Mortinson film A Perfect Murder. Yet, Dial M for Murder is the original stepping stone and Sir Alfred the master shows that you never really have to leave your location to tell a thrilling story.