Saturday, March 27, 2010

Live Review - Spoon @ Radio City

After a two year absence to New York City stages, Austin, Texas' Spoon has owned 2010 and most of the city's venues. Upon releasing their latest record, Transference earlier this year, Spoon did a surprise gig at the 200 person Mercury Lounge in SoHo, last night was a much larger and avaunt-guard venue for the indie favs. Playing the legendary Radio City Music Hall for the first time as a headliner has to give any band chills, break their nerves and a rush of excitement all over. Singer Britt Daniel took the stage just after 10pm by himself with a solo guitar and started belting out a few songs alone, his cracking voice and shaky body did not resemble his usual cool, calm and collected self, however as the night went on, Daniel got back into his normal rock star skin and Spoon drove the energy home. Playing a handful of songs off Transference, the band mainly stuck to crowd favorite's from GaGaGaGa and Fiction. The true highlight of the night came an hour into their set when a six piece brass ensemble joined them to play "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb," the crowd went nuts and the band was in top form. The ensemble stuck around to the end of the set, which finished at 11:30. The band came back on to do a three song encore that started off with "I Saw the Light." The band ended close to midnight, but the crowd was begging for more, Spoon delivered with Daniel saying "we are cutting this way to close to curfew, so we have one more song," and that was it, as the clock struck midnight, Spoon waved goodbye to their friends and followers after a triumphant night.