Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Live Review - Gin Wigmore @ Mercury Lounge

She had me at first strum. Walking out on the tiny stage in a tight leather skirt and grabbing the mic stand as if she owned the place, before she sang her first note Gin Wigmore displayed a confidence and swagger that Mick Jagger would have. Gin had something to prove and this woman needed all the confidence to show off her talent, not to mention she was backed by one of the most respected bands of all time - The Cardinals. It was a private show for industry folk, music journalists and fans of the New Zealand singer who were lucky enough to win tickets to the 300 person show in Mercury Lounge.
"I know its a Monday and all, but fuck can't we party?! This is New York right?" She said half way through her set, she maybe from the other side of the world but Gin knows how to get down and get loose just like a New Yorker. Her style is pure rock and soul, her voice is something very raspy - like someone who just smoked two packs before they went on stage, but it is what she does with her talent and on stage antics that has the audience cheering. Gin has this ability to pull you into her performance, not just because of her sexy looks, but because of how she carries herself. She is a talented songwriter, a unique singer and has been fortunate enough to surround herself with some of the best people in the business, after all The Cardinals will not play with just anyone, especially working with Ryan Adams for so long. Yet, it is Gin who they are with now and looks like they are just as attentive to this project as they were with Adams. After seeing her in a small venue like that again, I do not think I will be able to catch her in a place like this famous Lower East Side venue again, why, because big things are about to happen for her, I just hope she is ready. Gin's debut Holy Smoke will be out in the US soon and is currently on tour with Citizen Cope. For more info on Gin take a look at my interview with this New Zealand sensation HERE.

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