Friday, April 9, 2010

Underated Classic - The Police "Reggatta de Blanc"

When The Police bursted onto the music scene they were three punks from London with an American drummer that had a sound and style that was unique but not very raw. With Sting's boyish good looks they were getting the report of a boy band rather than a punk band, however in 1979 that all changed with Reggatta de Blanc, which translates from French to White Reggae. The trio proved to be much more than a band with good looks, but had the musical chops to usher in the beginnings of what would later become New Wave. Reggatta de Blanc is best known for the single "Message in a Bottle," which propelled the band to radio waves around the world. Reggatta de Blanc was a simple record for the band to make and with no pressure on their back, The Police went into the studio and laid down what would become the first of many big albums for the band. Reggatta de Blanc may not have been a critical success, as it was moderatly recieved by journalists, the fans and public ate it up. As they ushered in the 80's with this far out island sound generated by three white guys, The Police proved their worth and what would come next would just be global and stadium domination.