Friday, April 9, 2010

Rising Artist - Hurrah! A Bolt of Light

Do country and punk go together?! If you herd of Hurrah! A Bolt of Light they sure as hell do! The New York six piece which features Will Farr, formerly of Paper and Sand (RIP) and Fireflies (RIP) fronting a new band that will have you moving and shaking and shitkicking for hours. Hurrah! A Bolt of Light mixes styles like Gogol Bordello meets The Police with deep southern style guitar roots - think early Kings of Leon or any Tom Petty song you may have herd. The band has been around for less than a year and have been packing clubs in New York City since their conception, their live shows have been praised to be a top night out. In fact, Yuppie contributor Bill Reese reviewed their January show at Crash Mansion and rocked his face off. Take a look at that review HERE.