Monday, May 30, 2011

Quick News

Do you follow Coldplay on Twitter? If not, you should start. While the band have been gearing up for their headline appearances at various festivals this summer including Glastonbury, Lollpalooza and Austin City Limits and not to mention they have been hard at work on a new album, they have been very cryptic about info on the new disc. The band has tweeted various sounds that could be intro music to a new single as well as various sayings that some are speculating are lyrics. We cannot confirm any of this will be used for new music, but it is worth keeping an eye out for.

Rufus Wainwright is enlisting the help of producer and music wonder boy, Mark Ronson for his forthcoming album. Rufus is planning to make a much more "poppier" sounding album than he has done in the past.

Brazil's CSS will release their third album, La LiberaciĆ³n in August and the band have confirmed that Primal Scream front man Bobby Gillespie will lend his vocals to the song "Hits Me Like a Rock."

Liam Gallagher spoke to MTV News recently and said that his new band, Beady Eye will return to the studio in February of 2012 and will be packed with "great anthems and epic tunes." Gallagher, whoes band is on tour in small clubs will be going for a sound to shoot back into arenas.

Florence and the Machine are working on their second record and singer Florence Welch told Nylon magazine that the album and writing sessions are about the grateful departed. She says ''A lot of the songs on the new album are about imaginary things, things that you can't touch: ghosts and rumours, my dead grandmother, things visiting you in a dream." The album is set to be released in 2012.

New York City indie dance rockers The Rapture are returning from a five year hiatus! The band recently resigned with James Murphy's label (and The Rapture's first label) DFA and will release their new album In The Grace of Your Love in September.

Dave Grohl's former band, Scream will release a seven song EP recorded at Grohl's Studio 606 on August 16 via SideOneDummy records.