Thursday, October 30, 2008


Every once in a while I have to give this blog (and myself) some credit. It is great to have people read this site from all over the Globe. Thanks to the beauty of the Internet a slew of people in the UK have been following the site and e-mailing me with some great things. Just wanted to say thanks! Also, speaking of UK readers, someone in Manchester, England saw my review of Coldplay at Hammerstein and posted it on the biggest Coldplay fan site in the world. The site featured it on their site as well as their message board. Check out the message board posting HERE

Another cool thing is the message I received from Stellastarr*'s Arthur Kremer about the site. Kremer mentioned "Hey I like the layout of your site...good job!" Some nice words of encouragement from a really awesome guy! Thanks Arthur!

And finally I am patting myself on the back for this...Who is one of the first people in the US to be writing and even interviewing Glasvegas? Oh me - that's who! Who has the free featured single of the week on Itunes this week as well as an upcoming taping of Letterman in January--Glasvegas! I told you they were going to be huge! You herd it first here on this side of the pond!

Sorry for my nerdiness but I just needed to let it out.