Sunday, November 16, 2008

Live Review - Girl Talk @ Terminal 5

Honestly, I really have no idea even where to begin with this review. Last night's bordello of musical mash-ups, dancing, and an entire room of 3,000 plus people running on pure adrenaline, left me not only exhausted, but speechless. A former chemical engineer from Pittsburgh, Gregg Gillis would spend his weekdays at his desk and would turn into the night ripper by the weekend DJing sold out gigs all over the world under the name Girl Talk. His popularity has risen this past year with the release of his latest mixtape / mash up album Feed the Animals. Girl Talk has become the biggest American DJ since the hayday of Moby. Mashing up songs from everyone from Blackstreet to Radiohead to Jay-Z to The Verve to Biggie Smalls to Elton John, combining a non-stop fist pumping, dance party.
Last night was the first of three sold out shows at New York's Terminal 5, and for an unusual warm November night in New York, the heat cranked up full blast in the venue. It was a no holds bar full out extravaganza equip with fans dressed as bears, bananas (yes, some dude was in a banana costume), confetti and toilet paper streaming across the crowd. Girl Talk is known for his wild shows, but at a place like Terminal 5 where security is so tight, it could not stop him and his fans from going nuts. Inviting hordes of people on stage to dance around him, Girl Talk didn't break his concentration as he put on one of the most entertaining shows I have ever witnessed. He broke out new mash ups featuring NERD's "Everybody Nose," to Jay-Z's "Jockin Jay-Z" to Kanye's "Love Lockdown." No word on when his next record will drop, but Girl Talk is a sight to be seen. I can not even call this a concert, it was an experience.