Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Read! READ! Read!

A few new awesome blogs have popped up that I feel I need to share with my audience...check them out here..

Hindsighting - A blog comprised of former WQAQ DJ's I used to work with, think of it as a Village Voice told through the eyes of twenty-something year old's. It features everything from film reviews, concert reviews, TV, news, editorials, restaurants and new music. Even yours truly is a contributing writer. Check it out at

Because I Can't Always Talk On The Radio - An insiders look into pop culture from my dear friend Valentine. It will be one of those sites you will constantly be checking for updates and seeing what is going down in Tinseltown. Check it out at

Sweet and Sour - Ever wonder what its like to be an aspiring model in New York City? Watch and read as it is told through the eyes of a young woman in this blog. My friend Candice is the voice on the other end, she will discuss the highs and lows of her life, while professing her love for President - Elect Barack Obama. Check it out at