Sunday, December 20, 2009


Outspoken, energetic and influential. Ian MacKaye is still going strong after all these years. The former singer of the highly praised hardcore band Minor Threat and singer/guitarist for the acclaimed post-hardcore act Fugazi, MacKaye has managed to swear off major labels and do things DIY from day one. Never swaying into the music industry for profit and only for pure enjoyment and the idea of just getting art and music to as many people as possible, MacKaye launched his independent label Dischord Records 29 years ago and as they emerge on their third decade they are still going strong. Aside from running a label, Ian is still making music today with his latest band, The Evens. I had the opportunity to speak to Ian, we discussed his label, the vinyl revolution, his massive body of work, and the Straight Edge movement. Take a listen to my interview with Ian MacKaye below..

Fugazi "Long Division" (Above) / Minor Threat "In My Eyes" (Below)

The Evens live in Chile (Below)

Thanks to Ian for the interview. Special thanks to Jenna Campagna and Manny Valdivia for their assistance!