Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rising Artist EXCLUSIVE! La Strada INTV!

In an episode of HBO's Bored to Death, Ted Danson's character explains to Jason Schwartzman that "Brooklyn, it's the new Manhattan." That quote could not be more true from how that borough has gained so much attention this decade. In the 70's and 80's band's coming out of New York City were generally from the Lower East Side of Manhattan or West Village. Now they are across the East River and coming out in droves. One of those band's is the Balkan inspired La Strada. An act who coincidentally has had their music appear on Bored to Death, but is also an act gaining much attention with their unique style and sound. Think the gypsy sound of Gogol Bordello meets the folk aspects of Arcade Fire with La Strada's own blend of unique fusion. They are the perfect act to be listening to when in a cafe, bookstore or just unwinding with a glass of red. I had the opportunity to bring a small film crew and hang out with the band this past fall in their rehearsal space in Green Point. After watching the band do their magic, we sat down and discussed the band's beginnings, future and everything in between. Watch my interview with La Strada below..

Special Thanks to La Strada, Rosario Pellerito, Manny Valdivia, Greg Pace and Kismet Films.