Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Underrated Classic - Oasis "The Masterplan"

You know you are a great band when your B-Sides record sells millions of copies worldwide and the album is brilliant from start to finish. For Oasis, The Masterplan proved this. Taking B-Side songs from their first three albums; Definitely Maybe, (What's The Story) Morning Glory and Be Here Now, the songs were originally released on expensive European imports. The band decided to capitalize and release the record in US and Japan, however, the record proved to be such a success in both markets they put it out worldwide. The Masterplan boasts songs that were staples of the band's live sets, tracks like "Acquiesce," "The Swamp Song," and their cover of The Beatles "I Am the Walrus." What the record really displays is Noel Gallagher's brilliant songwriting ability and way of putting words together. Songs like "Half the World Away," "Talk Tonight," "The Masterplan," and "Rockin' Chair," are the perfect pop tunes. The Masterplan is a record that was made for fans, but could easily be mistaken for some of the band's best work. This past August it was released, with the entire Oasis back catalogue on vinyl, I suggest you take a listen.