Saturday, December 5, 2009

Live Review - Rebecca Hart & The Sexy Children @ Joe's Pub

When you go to a concert you always expected to be wowed and lifted out of your seat, at least I do. Sometimes it is the production that does it, sometimes it is because your favorite song is being played by your favorite act, whatever it maybe, you as the fan, expect it to happen. Never do you go to a small show with a unknown artist and expect it to happen. However, the magic needs to start somewhere. Rebecca Hart and The Sexy Children took the stage Friday night at Joe's Pub in Astor Place only to have the jaws of each person in attendance hit the floor. Rebecca a performance artist, actress and musical powerhouse, has more fortitude than most male singers. Her voice is a combination between Tori Amos and Bruce Springsteen, her lyrics are about love and life with a spin of comedy that only Woody Allen could write. Yet, the gorgeous Rebecca is so talented and powerful, you will instantly fall in love with what she is doing and saying. Only playing for 45 minutes, in a set that featured mainly originals and a Ray Charles cover, looking in Rebecca and her Sexy Children may seem like an average bar band, after witnessing what she has to offer, she proves otherwise. Rebecca is one to keep an eye out for.