Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick Spins

Another round of reviews...Take a look and check out these records!

Hot ChipOne Life Stand
Not the banging fist pumping and rump shaking records we have gotten to know from the London beat makers in the past, One Life Stand finds Hot Chip, as they put it “an end of the night record.” Starting off the with the heavy beats and sampling we have grown to love, the album feels more of an extension, a Part 2 if you will of their brilliant 2008 album Made in the Dark. By tracks 3 and 4 things slow down a bit, much like it would had you been coming home from a night of drinking and dancing. It is the band’s most introspective record and though soothing and calming and less danceable, Hot Chip still manage to show their fun side.

Bang Bang EcheSonic Death Cunt EP
This is thrashing electro at its finest! Think Does It Offend You, Yeah? and The Prodigy having a New Zealand love child. Fast and hard beats ala Justice cranked over song titles based on films and catch phrases. This act is one to catch at any festival because you know the party will be outrageous.

La StradaNew Home
I got to know La Strada pretty well last year, filming them for an afternoon at their Greenpoint, Brooklyn rehearsal space. They are an energetic and fun band to witness. Their style is a cross between Arcade Fire meets Gogol Bordello’s Balkan rhythms. New Home, the band’s debut capture’s the band’s talent, but lacks some of the live energy you would get from a concert. Still, a solid effort and a band to watch out for. Take a look at my interview with La Strada from December HERE.

Cloud Cult—Lost Songs from the Lost Years
It is hard to pinpoint what exactly is good about Cloud Cult or if this band has flaws. The thing is the music of Cloud Cult is the type of music we are all familiar with, it’s ambient, calming and soothing but still has a drive to it. The songs from the band’s latest, Lost Songs from the Lost Years could play as the soundtrack of your life. Even better then belong in a film soundtrack playing to a slice of characters lives and closing credits. It is an interesting sound and style that deserves to be listened to.

Massive AttackHeligoland
British ambient beat makers return with a star studded disc featuring members of TV on the Radio, Damn Albarn, Mazzy Star, Guy Garvey of Elbow and many others. The foundation to the record is typical Massive Attack, nothing new or groundbreaking, but a delight for any fan. The guests are really what make up the record both lyrically and creatively.

Fueled by passionate lyrics and strong vocals, New York’s Xylos are a band that will have the radio friendly pop crowd go nuts and something the indie kids will appreciate as well. However, in the case of the band they sound too much like Postal Service and it’s hard to overcome the idea that Ben Gibbard could be singing these songs.