Saturday, October 30, 2010


La Roux front man Elly Jackson is making a bold statement by saying "Synth music is over." The singer, who is best known for having hits like "Bulletproof" and "In for the Kill," tells "I don't want to make synth music for the rest of my fucking life. It was a time when I was into that, but whatever, it's done with, it's gone. The whole genre is so over. It was my thing and I'm bored with it. If I see anything more '80s-themed, I'm going to bust." La Roux, who are currently working on the follow up to their breakthrough 2009 self-titled debut, says "I want [the next album] to be more human, more open, warmer." We spoke to Elly last year and she told us about the band's folk roots, you can read that HERE.

Peter, Bjorn and John are set to release a pop-rock record in early 2011. Drummer John Erikkson told Spin magazine "We originally planned to make a punk rock album. But listening to it now it's definitely a pop rock album. But it sounds more punk rock when we play the songs live!" This will be the band's sixth record and the follow up to last year's, Living Things.

Garbage are set to reunite! After a five year hiatus, Shirley Manson and the boys are working on their fifth record in hopes to have it out by next year. We told you earlier in the week that Garbage member and producer Butch Vig is currently working with Foo Fighters on producing their latest. This latest Garbage record will be the follow up to 2005's Bleed Like Me.

2011 is already shaping up to be a massive year for music and it just keeps getting better. The Go! Team have announced the title and track listing to their latest. The band's latest, Rolling Blackouts will be out January 31 in the UK and Feb 1 in America. Take a look at the track listing below.
'Secretary Song'
'Apollo Throwdown'
'Ready To Go Steady'
'Bust-Out Brigade'
'Buy Nothing Day'
'Super Triangle'
'Voice Yr Choice'
'Yosemite Theme'
'The Running Range'
'Lazy Poltergeist'
'Rolling Blackouts'
'Black Like 8 Track'