Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quick News

Sad news to report, founding Devo guitarist Bob Casale has passed away at age 61. His family confirmed that he died of heart failure. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to his family, friends, and the members of Devo.

In a posting on their Facebook page, Echo & The Bunnymen have confirmed they have finished working on their new record. The still untitled album will be out later this year.

To celebrate their 40 years as a band, AC/DC will head into the studio in May to work on their first album of new music since 2008's Black Ice. The band hope to have the record out later this year.

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis has confirmed he is working on a script based around Kanye West's Yeezus album. In an interview with Vice, the author said, "It’s in Kanye-land and that’s subject to a whole other timeframe. He came and asked me to write the film. I didn’t want to at first. Then I listened to Yeezus. It was early summer last year and I was driving in my car. He’d given me an advance copy and I thought, regardless of whether I’m right for this project, I want to work with whoever made this. So fuck it, I said yes. And that’s how it happened. That was seven or eight months ago. We’ll see what happens."

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Afghan Whigs leader Greg Dulli talked about how Breaking Bad actor Bob Odenkirk managed to break the news of a new Whigs record to the world. Dulli said, "I was having lunch with my friend Mike Brillstein [a.k.a. L.A. DJ Thee Mike B] on our way to play golf. This guy came in and started talking to Mike, asking him what he's up to. He said, "Oh, I just did a remix for the new Afghan Whigs album my friend here made." I turn around, and it's Bob Odenkirk! I loved Mr. Show and Breaking Bad. Then he asked me, "So, a new Afghan Whigs record, huh? It's been a long time!" Bob then took a picture of the two of us together — me looking like a deer in the headlights in my golf shirt, not my finest hour — and said, "I'm going to tweet this. People are going to freak out!" I started saying he shouldn't, that the label wants to announce it first. But then he did it anyway, said, "Okay, Greg! Good luck!" — then split. It was hilarious — such a Saul Goodman moment!"