Sunday, May 23, 2010


I said it earlier this year and as we are close to the mid-year mark, I will say it again - Surf rock is coming back in a big way this year! With bands such as Vampire Weekend, Male Bonding, Surfer Blood and California's The Soft Pack to name a few, it is going to be fun in the sun all year long. The Soft Pack are a band that have been gaining much buzz since their formation in 2007, however, back then they were known as The Muslims. After much controversy, the band switched their name to The Soft Pack (you will find out why in the interview). As they released their self titled debut earlier this year, The Soft Pack have been on the road non-stop and are catching attention of audiences worldwide. Take a look at my interview with Soft Pack guitarist Matty McLoughlin as we discussed the band's roots, acclaim, playing in the UK and being a California band. Take a look at my interview with Matty below.

You guys started off called The Muslims, when did you change the name and why? How did you come up with The Soft Pack?

We changed the name because it was COMPLETELY misinterpreted. It began to bum us out hard. Brian (our drummer) came up with the name The Soft Pack. Its a flaccid dildo that transvestites wear to pass as dudes.

You have released two EP’s and this is your first record, how does it feel to finally have a full album done?

Feels good. Excited to work on the next one and improve.

Do you feel any vindication now that the record is finished?

Glad it's over and don't have to think about it anymore. Moving on.

For those that have never herd of you before, how would you describe your sound and style?

Catchy, honest.

You hail from California and sound like a California surf-punk band, has your location inspired your music?

I guess it has by living there. We are not really conscious of it though.

The UK’s NME magazine seems to have nothing but love for you, which is awesome, they are the greatest music magazine on the planet. How does it feel to get such praise from such a respected source?

We don't really invest into that stuff. Out of our control. I'm sure they think we suck by now.

You are about to tour the UK, what are you feeling before you take off?

Trying not to get sick and have a good time. Have a lot of warm clothes packed. Anticipating dinners consisting of "crisps" and warm beer.

How are British fans different from American fans?

I can't really tell a difference.

You toured last year with White Lies as the support to their North American tour. Since you guys have such different sounds, how were those shows? What was it like to be on the road with them?

It was kind of a weird tour. We had fun but it was different. Their fans weren't really into us. They let us have some of their Jameson whiskey off of their rider. I thought that was very nice of them.

With the record out and tour’s beginning to emerge, where does The Soft Pack go from here?

Touring a whole lot and writing a new record. Trying to write better songs and have fun.

Video for "Answer to Yourself" (Above) / Video for "Extinction" (Below)

Thanks to Matty for the interview!