Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick News

My Chemical Romance are in the stages of mixing their much anticipated forthcoming release. My Chem singer Gerard Way tweeted this week "Beautiful Monday morning... Mixing the first jam. Be safe out there and watch your back." Still no word as to when this record will arrive and a title yet.

Last month Rolling Stone ran a piece about how his Carnegie Hall performance in February (which yours truly was at) would be Iggy Pop's last stage dive..ever, due to the crowd failing to catch the legendary singer as he leaped from the stage. Well, Iggy broke his promise and I did NOT now, witness history as I thought as he stage dove off the stage at London's Hammersmith Apollo earlier this week. Iggy, who is back with The Stooges, are on a reunion tour in support of the re-release of Raw Power.

After a cancer scare last year with Beastie Boy MCA Adam Yauch, the legendary hip-hip group had to push back their latest release Hot Sauce Committee Part 1. This September, fans will have to wait no longer. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Mike D states "We've been letting it age. The writing is the growing of the grapes, and we've already macerated, and at this point, it's been living in a barrel and being stored in bottles in the cellar, and hopefully by September, we will uncork." The album will feature guest appearances from Santigold and Nas.

As soon as they end their tour with Converge, Thursday are set to hit the studio to follow up on last years Common Existence.

Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez and former Red Hot Chili Pepper axe-man John Frusciante just released an instrumental record that you can pay what you want for. Taking the Radiohead digital tip jar route and all proceeds will benefit Keep Music In Schools programs around the country. The guitar Gods allegedly created the record awhile back and are releasing it now. You can get the album via Rodriguez Lopez website or by clicking HERE.