Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quick News

Arcade Fire have been rather quiet about their latest album, which is supposedly due at some point this year. The band posted a cryptic postcard on their website which states "Just finishing up pressing our new 12." Should be in store in a few weeks, God willing. Good luck with finals. See you this summer!" Guess we have to wait just a bit more...

This could be something very awesome, Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol and Peter Buck of REM are teaming together to form a new band, Tired Pony. The band will also feature appearances from Tom Smith of Editors, Zoey Deschanel of She and Him and may others. The record, The Place We Run From will be out July 12. The band has no plans to tour or promote the album.

File this under weird, leave it up to Lou Reed to want to curate the first concert for dogs. The High Frequency concert "Music for Dogs," takes place at the Sydney Opera House from May 27 to June 21.