Sunday, May 2, 2010

Underrated Classic - Rolling Stones "Bridges to Babylon"

In 1997 the Stones reached 21...21 albums that is. Bridges to Babylon, one of the most hyped albums of that year arrived in massive cabaret, like we would expect anything less from The Rolling Stones? Recorded in the summer of 1997 in LA, it was a quick record for the legendary rockers to do, since most songs were demoed the year before. Produced by long time Stones producer - Don Was and getting support from Glimmer Twins, production was the key aspect to Babylon's sound. Cranking out the album that fall, the Stones set off on the massive Bridges to Babylon tour which saw them go head to head with U2's Popmart tour on the most expensive rock and roll world tours of all time (a feet only U2 would break in 2009 with their 360 World Tour). Featuring the singles "Anybody Seen My Baby," and "Saint of Me," Bridges to Babylon came during the second British invasion of the late 90's and introduced the band to new fans. However, it failed to strike a serious chord with older ones, some saying the record made the band lose their rock appeal, since this was the first Stones record to use sampling. Though the album peaked at #3 on the US Billboard charts, it was soon forgotten as the decade came to a close. It is one to go back to and remember.