Sunday, May 9, 2010

On The Road W/ Elliot Vol 5

I'm a lucky guy. I get to tour all over the country with my best
friends (the Ingrid Michaelson band) and play music for the best fans
in the world. People often come up to me after the shows and ask if
we're all really close friends because it looks like we're having so
much fun together on stage. I'm happy that our friendship and positive
energy come through.

After tour is over, I am always happy to return home to Brooklyn, NY.
I still spend a lot of my time with the respective members of the
band, but try to prioritize my time by focusing on my love life, NYC
based friends and communication with family.

I also enjoy spending a lot of time at the gym, and simple pleasures
like watching movies on my couch with my girlfriend and cooking
dinner. I've recently started learning to cook Thai food and my curry
will be perfected before the next tour (I hope).

Touring is fun, but it requires tons of energy and focus every single
night. It usually takes me about a week to adjust again physically and
mentally to "normal" life. I like to wake up early when I'm home
(around 6am) whereas on tour, I will wake up between 12pm-2pm for load
in (unless we have morning promo first). When I finally adjust, I feel

Although I'm not playing music every single day, I still stay busy
when I'm home. I perform and record with various friends/artists
including fellow Ingrid band members Bess Rogers and Allie Moss on
their respective solo careers. I also play with Jenny Owen Youngs,
Lelia Broussard, Lauren Zettler, Ricky Valente,
and others. I play at
venues in Brooklyn and Manhattan and often travel out of town for a
few shows at a time as well.

Being home allows me time to go into the recording studio with many of
these artists as well. I currently have a lot of exciting recording
projects in the works with Bess, Lelia, Jenny, and another Ingrid band
member/producer, Dan Romer.

I hit the road once again with Ingrid on June 7th. We're playing
several dates on the Lilith Fair tour and will also be performing at
this year's Bonnaroo Festival. I list all of my performances with
Ingrid and other artists at

Elliot Jacobson is a contributing writer to With This I Think Im Officially A Yuppie. Elliot drums for the links of Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs, Bess Rogers and more.