Sunday, May 9, 2010


In what is part an honor and a dream come true....Officially a Yuppie Editor in Chief, Salvatore Bono will be featured in Oasis' latest "Best Of" collection Time Flies 1994-2009!

Earlier this year Oasis announced they would be releasing Time Flies and asked fans from all around the world to submit in 20 words or less - what Oasis ment to them and to choose from the tracklisting a song that means the most to them.

Being a life long Oasis fan, Sal jumped onto the opportunity and after hundreds of thousands of submissions was chosen to be one of the 50 quotes selected in the artwork of the record. Take a look at Sal's achievement as well as the other winners (you may know one or two) HERE. Sal's name can be seen last but not least!

Time Flies arrives in June and be sure to get it and search for Sal!