Sunday, May 9, 2010

Live Review - Jonsi @ Terminal 5

Aside from being something in the air in Iceland, there must be something in the water. An elixir that just boasts creativity. Jonsi of Sigur Ros must have gallons of this when he is recording his music. The frontman to the famous Icelandic rock group is currently on his first solo tour of the US and made his first stop in New York City last night, the first of two sold out nights in Hell's Kitchen's Terminal 5. Jonsi, who I consider to be the male version of another Iceland native, Bjork, breathtakingly swept into the venue and blew the lids off everyone watching.
For a person like myself who has seen all sorts of acts, stage shows and persona's on stage, this was just unlike anything I have ever witnessed in a club or live in concert. Jonsi and his band were spectacle of epic proportions. The concert was Broadway grander fused with an exhibit from the Museum of Modern Art - with a pulse!
Dressed in dazzling Native garb and having his band stick to the motifs, the show was the lesson James Cameron told in Avatar -Respect Mother Nature. Walking on stage with an acoustic in hand, Jonsi sang and man, did he sing. His voice which can go from tenor to alto in just a few bars, has the ability to pull you in and keep you at attention. While images of animals displayed across a screen then made to look like it was set ablaze, the audience got a glimpse of a stark and barren forrest behind the band. Once the screen dropped and the forrest was relieved, images of nature and how we must nurture it bolted across the back. Combined with a light show and effects like no other has ever brought the to the massive New York venue, Jonsi and his brilliant band just hit every note as if it were their last. The passion and creativity that is exuded in their performance is just awe inspiring. The 90 minute set included songs from Jonsi's latest and brilliant solo effort Go, Sigur Ros tracks and a few songs from his Riceboy Sleeps project that was released last year.
This was a performance and concert that I and everyone in attendance will be talking about for years to come.