Thursday, July 29, 2010

Live Review - The Postelles @ Bowery Ballroom

This was an event many years in the making, not just a headlining gig for New York City boys, The Postelles, but also a record release gig. The Postelles, prodigies of Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes (Hammond Jr produced a majority of the band’s material), have been waiting a very long time to release their major label debut, and finally it arrived and they arrived back home to do it. In the ever changing atmosphere of the Bowery, The Postelles came ready to create a good old fashion musical block party and just have fun and celebrate their achievements. The band has been on the road the past few months in Europe and back in the US supporting Interpol and Kings of Leon at that now infamous pigeon-dropping concert in St. Louis. Yet, The Postelles arrived back to where it all began in the city of big dreams to take their dreams even higher.

The band has been gigging around New York for a few years now, and playing a few shows outside the city here and there, but as time has gone on, the anticipation of their long awaited debut was building, it was finally here and so were they. A sold out concert in the 600 person Bowery Ballroom, fans crammed in on a hot night and didn’t mind breaking a sweat dancing and bopping to the bands set. The Postelles music is a cross between garage surf rock meets doo-wop and very easy to find yourself lost in their style. The bands live shows are very energetic, as they are lads from New York they look like an English band with the exception of front man Daniel Balk, who could pass for actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s doppelganger. As the slick band played their hour long set, it was the perfect amount of fun for the middle of the week, as they show cased songs off their debut as well as brand new songs they even made room to cover The Ramones “Beat on the Brat.” As Balk said before breaking into the cover, “We have covered this song on the entire tour, but tonight is the final night we ever do this because it’s New York and its from a great New York band, so this is for Joey Ramone!” as a new generation paid homage to their heroes and legends of the Bowery before them, The Postelles are a band that will give you the most fun from any new band all summer.