Monday, July 5, 2010

Underrated Classic - Stereophonics - "Just Enough Education to Perform"

If you were watching the World Cup this summer or are just an avid soccer fan, you will notice a tattoo on England / Manchester United Striker Wayne Rooney's forearm. It is the cover of the 2001 release from his favorite band, the Welsh rock trio Stereophonics. Stereophonics bursted onto the scene in the late 90's as a grunge rock act, but then refined their music when the New Millennium struck and were a swaggering Rock and Roll outfit. A band that was received a huge embrace around the world, Stereophonics never really caught on in America. A few radio hits here and there, but their appeal was just not enough for the US. However, what turned heads, at least in college radio was Just Enough Education to Perform. A blistering rock record that pins the listener to the wall and gives it to them straight. For many this was their first time with the band and became fans, as the 'Phonics come to the States just a few times each decade, fans from all over the world will try and get a glimpse of this massive band in tiny clubs and pray they hear cuts off this record. Just Enough Education to Perform is an album that needs to be listened to again and again for any fan of rock and roll, for the first time or 100th.