Sunday, June 26, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! Doll & The Kicks INTV!

Surf inspired music and England do not necessarily go together, yet bands from across the pond are being ambitious and not only doing it, but doing it well - The Heartbreaks, Male Bonding and Doll and the Kicks. Doll and the Kicks are a four piece band that have gained much attention since Morrissey proclaimed them to be one of his favorite new bands and with that boost of praise, the sky has been the limit for the seaside band. In an exclusive interview we spoke with charismatic singer Hannah Scalon about what her band has achieved, where they are going and how this all happened. Take a look at our interview with Hannah below:

You recorded your debut in 2008, is a follow up in the works?

Of course. We have about 40 songs that we haven't recorded yet and we're constantly writing but the main problem is getting enough cash together to record a decent follow up ... and this time it has to be a step up from the last one. It's hard gernering the interest of top producers when you are an unsigned band with little cash flow.

After 5 years of being in a band and still being unsigned, is it a bit daunting that none of the majors have paid any attention to you or could you care less?

Yes and no. There is a ridiculous notion within the industry that if a band has been together for more than three years and they have yet to sign a deal that they should be automatically binned. The problem with this is that bands are not given the time to really blossom and actually become great... some of the best bands in the world (The Beatles being one) were together for 4 or 5 years before anyone really paid them any attention and it took that time for them to develop. So yes in a way it's very frustrating but i don't think had we been picked up early on that our songwriting would have progressed as it had. Hardship breeds creativity.

Your hometown of Brighton is unlike many English towns because it is known for its beaches. Being by the sea, where you inspired by the atmosphere around you?

Well none of us are from Brighton originally but we met at college and yes Brighton is a hot bed of talent and it is inspiring to be surrounded by creative people. Being by the sea is just a bonus!

There seems to be various styles of music that come from Brighton – with garage rock from The Kooks, disco pop from The Pipettes, jazz from The Mummers and pop-rock from you. Do you think that is a good indication of creativity from that city?

Aha ... I think I said something about this in my last answer. Yes, Brighton is known for being a very arty town and as such it attracts more artists. It's self perpetuating and I think it always will be. It's close enough to the capital to mean that you can get there easily enough if you need to but it has a wonderful laid back way of life. Nothing is rushed.

The following you have developed in Europe over the years I something to be admired since you are not signed to a major. Do you think its vigorous touring or the internet that has helped get your fan base? Or both?

Definitely both. The internet plays a huge part in breaking bands...even more so than national press these days. It just take the right blog to mention you and then its like a landslide. Touring is important because it keeps peoples interest when you don't necessarily have a label for releasing an album and getting airplay and TV.

You formed in 2005 then played Glastonbury two years later, what was that experience like?

One of the most fun things we ever did. Although the weather was so miserable it was one of the muddiest years ever.....a sea of mud. I think i was probably a little too drunk by the time we got onstage but it was the last day of Glasto so who can blame me!

You have gone through various bass player changes over the years, has that effected your style and sound?

The best thing we ever did was decide that no one else was good enough for the four of us and move Olivier onto bass. It really opened up the sound and made everything much cleaner and neater. Much simpler. Much better. In music almost always the simplest things sound the best.

With many comparisons to No Doubt and Paramour is it a pain in the ass to keep being compared to those acts when really, you do not sound much like them. Do you think it is because it is a female fronting a group of males that those comparisons are made?

Of course it is. It's not just in bands though, female musicians in general always just get compared to all other females because all female music is the same right? Wrong.

Are you influenced by those bands? Who are your major influences?

I used to love No Doubt when I was a little girl so yes I think they most definitely had a major influence on me. I also love Siouxsie Sou, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox and many more but then the boys all have other influences so the band as a whole is probably a mixture of all of those combined.

Like many great Brit bands, your style seems to be just as important as your sound. Do you feel this way? Is it important to have a good style to yourselves as musicians?

Absolutely. People dress themselves a certain way because they want to project an image of themselves to the outside world, they want to show a bit of themselves to people just like creating a song. And music and image together can be a very powerful thing. Plus i am a clothes obsessive. I love fashion because it's fun.

All of your hard work had you opening for Morrissey in 2009, what was it like touring with him?

It was surprising, educating, amazing and brilliant.

Morrissey has come out and called you the “best British singer in years,” how do you respond to such high praise?

Well, how to take a compliment is something most people struggle with but it's obviously an amazing thing for anyone to say about you and from him it's extra special. I feel honored. A voice is something that you are born with and you don't earn it so in way it's difficult to take credit especially when i don't treat it very well at all, i smoke and drink and do things I shouldn't so I feel very lucky to have it at all really.

Where do Doll and the Kicks see themselves in a year?

With another album release under our belt and some major backing of some sort.