Friday, June 24, 2011

Live Review - Beady Eye @ Webster Hall

June 22 holds a special significance in Liam Gallagher's musical history, in 2005 he and his brother Noel with their band Oasis for the first time ever, sold out Madison Square Garden. A concert and event that would be the opening moments to their stellar 2007 documentary Lord, Don't Slow Me Down. Six years after that concert, Liam Gallagher returns to a New York stage for his first official trip with his new band, Beady Eye and play two of the cities most beloved venues - Ed Sullivan Theater and Webster Hall. The Ed Sullivan performance was for a taping of Live On Letterman, making it the band's first official - yet - unofficial New York gig. The following night at Webster Hall is a far cry from the massive size of the Garden but for hardcore fans of Liam and Co., it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see their hero in an intimate gathering. With a sold out audience filled with Manchester City jersey's (Liam's favorite soccer, I mean football, team) it felt as if a bomb of intensity would explode at any second as the band were gearing up to play. The Letterman gig the night before seemed to set the bar and live up to the hype as to what the ex-members of Oasis were doing and showed New York and the rest of North America they were ready for them. Webster Hall would be how New York would show Beady Eye they were ready for them.

Coming on stage to a tremendous applause, that bomb of intensity detonated before the first note was even played. "Hello New York, we are Beady Eye, this is Four Letter Word" a very serious looking Liam Gallagher would say into the mic before cranking into the first song. The band looked very relaxed and poised as they bombastically plugged away. Going straight into the bold song "Beatles and Stones" and then "Millionaire," Beady Eye were showing no mercy as they kept the momentum going. For the fans, this was a dream come true, to see the music icon in a tiny place such as this, sure there were fans with Oasis shirts on but it didn't matter no one was blurting out "play Wonderwall" or other songs from their massive catalogue, they respected the fact that this is a new band. The beauty of Beady Eye is that they are the perfect microcosm of British rock and roll, its inspired by Beatles, Stones, 60's psychedelica, 80's Madchester scene, Creation Records, Stone Roses, 90's Britpop, they are a history lesson of everything great about Brit rock. As the heat in the venue would increase, you would see the band sweat through their clothes under the massive lights and what was resonating from the audience but for them and the spectators it was well worth it. Liam loves New York and would profess that all night, with a 16 song setlist that included the encore of "Wigwam" and World of Twist cover "Sons of the Stage," for just over an hour Beady Eye gave their all to the city that never sleeps. A night and gig the fans will appreciate for years to come. In due time the band will return, it was never said but it is known, Beady Eye are on the path to something very good and their demand will only get higher. As they separate themselves from the former guys in Oasis, they come into their own. After witnessing them two nights in a row, it is proof they stand on their own.