Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rising Artist EXCLUSIVE Hockey INTV!

For Portland based band Hockey, getting started and getting noticed was never an easy task. Starting off as a two piece party band from LA, then uprooting themselves to the Pacific Northwest and forming a solid line up. Hockey gained attention in the UK before getting noticed in America. After landing a deal with Capitol records, the band just released their debut Mind Chaos in October. Hockey is a band I took notice to at the beginning of the summer and had a chance to catch them at Lollapalooza as they opened the festival. A great live band with a ton of energy and so much fun to listen to. I had the opportunity to speak to bassist Jeremy Reynolds just as the band linked up with Portugal the Man for a small fall tour. Take a listen to my interview with Hockey's Jeremy Reynolds as we discussed the band's beginnings, music and trials and tribulations.

Thanks to Jeremy Reynolds for the interview. Special thanks to Darren Baber and Bryan Kehn for all of your help. Extra special thanks to Manny Valdivia and Jenna Campagna for their post production work.