Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Movie of the Month - Tsotsi

For the August Movie of the Month, I generally like to highlight a soccer film since that is when the season begins for the world's game. However, this month, since we are just emerging from the World Cup hangover, why not feature a film that came from this year's host country, South Africa. Tsotsi is that film. The 2006 Best Foreign Picture winner is a story of redemption and love. Tsotsi, is the name of the principle character, a common hood in the Soweto projects outside Johannesburg, after stealing from a wealthy couple in the suburbs of the city, he robs them of their car and unknowingly in the back seat is their infant child. He takes the child back to the township and tries to hide the baby and take care of it. Knowing that the police are out for him, he does what he has to do in order to get his life back on track and do right. This is a film of hope, intrigue and wonder and one to embrace.