Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Live Review - Gin Wigmore on Roof of Atlas

On the roof of the Atlas building near Bryant Park with the Empire State Building to my right, the sun setting behind me and New Zealand's Gin Wigmore just inches away in front of me as the lights of Chrysler Building and Brooklyn as her backdrop. The night could not have been better. The New Zealand sensation was playing her final show in the States before heading back home. Gin has been in the country all summer supporting the release of her debut, Holy Smoke and supporting Jamie Cullum on the road. To have her in such a private and intimate setting was just extraordinary, her 30 minute set was just enough to wet the palate of fans but also had them begging for more. Gin's sound is very interesting she sounds like Joss Stone after a few packs of smokes or some even consider her to be a bluesy version of Macy Gray. It is interesting to try and pigeon-hole Gin into a category because it is very difficult for anyone, she is part rocker, part folk singer, park blues musician but all entertaining. "This is no kumbaya bullshit, stand up and rock out for fuck sake!" she said to the crowd as some decided to sit and kneel in front of her. She has a wit and crass personality to her that she could adapt to just being a regular girl in a bar with undiscovered talent or just one of the wisest people you have listened to. She sings of heartbreak, heartache and most of all that longing for acceptance, whether its love or for her career only Gin knows, but if it means we have to wait for her to return to America for the answer, it will be worth the wait.

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