Saturday, August 21, 2010

Live Review - Javelin @ SoHo Grand

On a picture perfect Friday night in Soho, what better way to end the hard work week than a little dancing? An eclectic group of hipsters crammed into the final “Summer Hummer” concert series taking place at the SoHo Grand, for the grand finale it was headlined by Brooklyn beat makers Javelin. The “Summer Hummer” series featured acts like Tom Tom Club, Class Actress, XXXChange and Holy Fuck, Javelin and JD Samson were the final act. In an area past the normal swanky clientele of the infamous hotel, the “Summer Hummer” series takes place off the patio bar and in a section that looks more like a block party than a section of SoHo Grand.
Javelin, a duo that plays in front of colorful boom boxes, wires sprawling around the stage like snakes and various drum machines, samplers, moog’s and mixers. The group consists of Tom van Buskirk and George Langford, they have been cranking out beats and hip-hop inspired records since 2007, yet this past year they have barnstormed across the US and have really gotten attention from fans around the country. The band’s live shows have been the talk of New York City for a little over a year and finally have a chance to see them; they really know how to get a party started and going. With songs like “Moscow 1980,” “Lindsay Lohan,” and “Susie Cues,” they enjoy poking fun at pop culture and have a great time doing it. Managing to throw a dance heavy remix of fellow electro act, Health and a few samples and covers from Beastie Boys, Mariah Carey and Chaka Khan, it elevates the enjoyment to the max. Performing just under an hour, the short set would take fans through the night as they continued on for DJ JD Samson. Javelin are one of those acts in the vein of Hot Chip, Devo, Girl Talk and LCD Soundsystem where their quirks and energy are what make them tick and what makes the audience wanting more.