Saturday, January 22, 2011

Live Review - Tokyo Police Club & Two Door Cinema Club @ Terminal 5

In a night that highlighted indie rock and all of its glory, the line up of Canada's Tokyo Police Club, Ireland's Two Door Cinema Club and Missouri's Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin arrived in New York to a sold out Terminal 5. The tour, which started earlier this month, has been showcasing these three bands to sold out crowds around North America, but it seems as if New York, thus far, has been the audience to truly embrace the ticket.

Starting the night off was Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, a band we just recently interviewed, came out swinging and punching and showing no mercy and was the perfect band to start the night. The bands sound of garage meets post-punk had fans getting excited and those that never heard the band before, began to take interest. As people were still waiting to get in, as they lined in the freezing cold due to Terminal 5's White House style security taking forever to let people through the door, the sounds of Boris Yeltsin was a nice welcoming to the massive club. As the band played for only a half hour, it was time well spent, as they showed what they were made of and turned on new fans.

After a 20 minute wait, the band that I predicted back in October - that when they return would be playing bigger venues after CMJ, already obliged to my prediction. Two Door Cinema Club arrived on stage and looked a bit nervous, as this may have been the biggest crowd in North America they have ever played to, but after three songs in, the band warmed up to the crowd and club's size and looked and played as if they were the house band. This show could have easy just had them and it would have been fine. Two Door Cinema Club are one of the best acts on the road and one of the best acts you may ever see. A band that knows how to have fun and make great music at the same time. As their electronic - dance rock struck through the audience, the sea of humanity on the floor of Terminal 5 looked like tidal wave as they were going nuts for these Irish lads. "New York, we fucking love you! This is the best city in the world! We were at Webster Hall in October and that was a great show, this is a better show!" Singer Alex Trimble shouted to the crowd as the response to the band was nothing but positive. The band stormed through their breakthrough release, Tourist History and included a few new songs never been played before. Two Door Cinema Club is a band that is going to rise and rise through the venue ranks, with their energy and showmanship and not to mention, great songs, it will be Terminal 5 they will own if not a bigger venue next time.

With Two Door Cinema Club's electric hour long set, I would pity and feel bad for any band or act that has to go on after them. Though the show was a co-headlining venture of the two Club bands, it was Tokyo Police Club that would go on last and unfortunately could not retain the energy left behind of Two Door Cinema Club. With a flashy light show and catchy songs, it was not enough to fully engage the crowd as the prior bands did. Die hard fans of Tokyo Police Club seemed to be really into the band's set and while their hands would wave in the air, some would stand and watch. The highlight of the band's set would come when all of the bands on the bill would arrive on stage with a cake and have the crowd sing "Happy Birthday" to bassist and singer Dave Monks. It was a delightful gesture that he seemed to love. Tokyo Police Club would end at midnight after an hour and 20 minute long set, though they were solid in performance, it was the boys from Ireland that stole the show.