Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick News

Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem is starting a side project while his main band gets some rest. The charismatic singer, along with his friend Ian Perkins are The Horrible Crowes. The band will display a darker side than what Gaslight fans are accustomed to, with more influence from Tom Waits and The National rather than The Clash or Social Distortion. The duo are working on a record now and may tour. Meanwhile, Gaslight are set to record their follow-up to last years American Slang in the fall for a 2012 release.

Pearl Jam have spoken to Rolling Stone about their 20th anniversary plans. The band, which are set to re-release Vs and Vitology, as well as a Cameron Crowe documentary about the band, are also going to be staging their own festival in the summer. Bassist Jeff Ahmet told the magazine that the festival will take place over a weekend and will feature the band headline both nights, with friends as the undercard. He says "We’ve played enough festivals that we know what makes them exciting." Ahmet then went on to discuss the sets "For me, personally, it starts to become a little bit of a nostalgia thing. I remember we once did Ten start to finish and it didn't work very well because it was kind of a little bit too down...I think we did a good enough job of mixing up the sets every night that we give people a taste of every record."No word as to when and where the festival will take place.

Crystal Castles main woman, Alice Glass had to be hospitalized in Tokyo this week. While doing a show in the city, she broke her ankle. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen the band, as Glass gets into the crowd and is a one woman wrecking ball. Despite the injury, Glass made it to Australia to play at Big Day Out Festival.

The directors behind Focus Creeps have tweeted a couple of photos of Arctic Monkeys working in the studio in LA. The band, who are recording their fourth album, may have hired Focus Creeps to shoot a video or documentary. Arctic Monkeys hope to have the new album out by summer.