Sunday, January 2, 2011

Underrated Classic - Sugarcubes "Life's Too Good"

The decadent 80's were filled with various styles of music from punk to post-punk to electro and industrial to hip-hop to new wave and massive hits across the charts from one-hit wonder acts from all genres. In 1988 however, came a record that summed up most of the sounds of the decade from a little post-wave band from Iceland called The Sugarcubes, fronted by the one and only, Bjork. The Sugarcubes mixed vibrant sounds and layered styles and created fine pop music, not the grand sounds we are used to have from Bjork these days. The band's debut, Life's Too Good is a fun ride and gift that not only encompasses American pop but has such a Euro flavor to it that it is no wonder the band were a success in both continents. The Sugarcubes legacy may have only lasted three albums and the band dismantled in 1992 and Bjork went on to have one of the most successful solo careers from any artist to emerge from a band. However, Life's Too Good is the band's finest record and a time capsule into the transcending
80's musical landscape and lifestyle.