Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rising Artist - Gold Fields

Just last month, Australia's Gold Fields arrived in New York City for their Big Apple debut and after a marathon run at SXSW just the week prior, the band set the city that never sleeps on fire. We witnessed the five-piece band's energy at Mercury Lounge where our jaws firmly hit the floor as to how unstoppable and exhilarating they are as a live band. The band from Ballarat, Australia combine new wave, electronica, 90's techno and mix it with high octane ardor that prove they are a forced to be reckoned with. While the band just have an EP under their belt, they are hoping to record their full length debut for a possible release later this year. Gold Fields are a band to keep on your radar and begin to keep your eyes and ears fixed on because once they release that now-anticipated debut of theirs, Gold Fields are going to shine from Australia to the far dark corners of the Earth.