Sunday, April 14, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Vinnie Caruana INTV!

After years of fronting influential bands like I Am The Avalanche and The Movielife, Vinnie Caruana has gone solo and with the release of his debut EP, City By The Sea, the Long Island punk is doing things on his own terms. Always wearing his heart on his sleeve, Caruana has now laid down his own songs with just himself and an acoustic guitar to keep it as raw and as real as it could possibly get. We spoke to the singer about going solo, a possible reunion with The Movielife, and a studio update on IATA, and how Hurricane Sandy, affected him and his family on Long Island. Take a look at our interview with Caruana below:

What is it like to finally have your own solo material out?

It’s really like a dream. I’m so happy that I’m following through on all the projects I want to execute. I should keep doing that.

The title of the EP, City by the Sea, does it reflect anything growing up on Long Island near NYC?

The ocean has always been a huge influence on me and I currently live right by it in Long Beach, NY. I grew up about 10 miles from where I live.

Being from Long Island, how were you and your family affected by Hurricane Sandy?

Long Beach got hit very hard and the city is just beginning to put the pieces back together. A lot of my family and friends lost a lot of stuff around LI but we’ll be just fine. Aside from having to move out of my house for a month after Sandy, I was very lucky.

Were any of the songs about what happened during Sandy?

These songs were recorded just before Sandy. I actually was stuck in California recording “City by the Sea” when the storm hit and had to wait another week to come home.

While this EP arrives, is a full length in the works?

The next thing is an I Am the Avalanche full length, but I’m definitely going to make a solo full length. There is also talks of another Peace’d Out release.

Being someone who has fronted various bands, is it awkward releasing a record with just you on it?

It's a different feeling for sure. If anything it has given me a lot of confidence.  I’ll always make solo records regardless of any band situation I’m in.

Hitting the road on the “Basement Acoustic Tour” with Geoff Rickly and Brian Marquis must be an exiting adventure. How did the idea of the tour come about?

Brian was nice enough to invite me to play the stage on last year’s Warped Tour. We got on very well, he’s a top man. I couldn’t imagine a better tour to do as my EP comes out. All the boys on the tour are friends, its def gonna be an adventure.

In 2010 and 2011 The Movielife reunited for a tour, what was the cause of doing it one last time?

Some offers came in and everyone was down to party. It was a good time and it made a lot of people happy. When your band breaks up you always fantasize about playing together again. Like an old girlfriend or something like that.

While the final Movielife gig was played in NYC, was it really the end? Was the door left open for you guys to do it again in the future and would you?

I feel like regardless of how you feel about it when you call it a final show, time passes and your feelings change. At this moment in my life, I would never say never to anything.

How about I Am The Avalanche? Any update on what is happing with everyone’s favorite Brooklyn post-hardcore heroes?

We are writing slowly right now and plan to record a full length in the spring. That probably means a fall release and tour to go with it.

You also linked up with LA musicians for a band called Peace’d Out and released an EP. Is a full length in the works for that?

Choi has started writing for it already and I think he plans to start recording in the next few months. I usually don't sing until all the music is done.

Of all the projects you have done, which has been your favorite?

IATA are my brothers and touring with them is always a blast. Each project brings me joy in different ways for sure.

Of all the songs you have written, which means the most to you and why?

Right now it is “Somehow the World Keeps Turning” off City by the Sea. It hits me hard and runs deep into my heart every time I sing it.

After the EP is released and Basement Acoustic tour is done, what does the rest of 2013 hold for Vinnie Caruana?

UK / Europe solo tour , write and record new IATA record, some more solo tours in the summer that haven’t yet been announced, release new IATA and tour til end of year. Much more will come up as well ie Japan and Australia